JIB Crane

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JIB Crane

A jib or jib arm is the horizontal or near-horizontal beam used in many types of cranes to support the load clear of the main support. A JIB crane is a kind of overhead lifting device and used in a smaller work area for repetitive and unique lifting tasks. These cranes are extremely versatile and also can be paired with overhead bridge cranes to maximize production. Jib cranes are simple in design and have capacities ranging from 100 kgs to 5 tons in some applications.

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  • Jib crane manually/motorized rotation, column/wall-mounted execution.
  • Improve workplace ergonomically.
  • Light and fast load handling.Ease of operation and high operating safety and reliability.
  • Simple installation using fittings included in the system

  • Specialized arm & column design thereby making it flexible for new or existing structures without extensive change to structures.
  • Available with a variety of hosting solutions.
  • Wide range of options to customize crane for applications.
  • Offered with proven components selected for long service life and a high degree of reliability.
  • Proven European design & assured reliability.
  • The optimized design ensures a reduction in the operation and maintenance costs, with an increase in the uptime.
  • State-of-the-art design technology ensures the torsional rigidity of Arm.
  • Component selection and technology devised to be user friendly and for efficient load handling and reduced maintenance

SWL up to
5 Tons (5000 kg)
Jib arm nominal length
Up to 10 meters
Jib arm rotation
Jib mounting
Hoisting/Travel speed
Dual speed offered as standard. VFD(optional)