About Our Company

Why Choose JKL Agencies

From the superior design capability to superior quality, JKL Agencies have a proven track record in the industry to provide the finest quality multi-branded warehouse management equipment in Kerala. JKL has a unique trademark in setting and enforcing workplace safety standards since 1990. Our experts ensure that the offered service delivers precision results and is within the budget to fulfill client satisfaction.

At JKL, we are committed to enhancing the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, employees & stakeholders through innovation, adaptability to market trends, perseverance & continuous quality improvement. Being the sole authorized dealer for Kerala, we launched the first service center for the following manufacturers of material handling, storage equipment, and lifting tackles. From Chain pulley block, JIB Cranes, Electric multi-utility vehicles to Ratchet cargo lashing tools, JKL serves as a one-stop store for the finest quality multi-branded warehouse management equipment.