Chain Electric Hoist UC+

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Chain Electric Hoist UC+

Chain Electric Hoists UC Monorail trolley adjustable for a wide range of beans complete flexibility of installation chain electric hoists single fall chain, grade 80, galvanized chain. It is ideal for any busy workstation like factories, assembly lines, warehouses, workshops etc.

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  • Capacity Range: 250 kg & 500 kg
  • Lifts: 3 metres to 20 metres
  • Mountings: Fixed Suspension, Push-Pull trolley, Electric trolley

  • Compact and optimized design: Augmented for structural benefits and maximum hook approach.
  • Two-speed motor standards: Precise handling of loads and smooth start & stop.
  • Lifetime lubrication: Fully immersed gear in synthetic oil lubrication with additional safety to accumulate foreign particles.
  • Reduction gear: Designed to withstand fatigue and wear for whole lifetime design governed by International standard FEM /ISO.
  • The gearbox is totally enclosed in a cast aluminium alloy housing.
  • Smooth, noiseless gears.
  • The gears mounted on roller bearings and are lubricated for life in an oil bath.
  • Self-braking motor
  • Crane duty motor with electromagnetic DC brake with asbestos-free brake linings.
  • Does not required any brake adjustment.
  • Reliable pole-changing asynchronous AC motors (2/8 P)
  • Lifting chain:Calibrated alloy steel load chain of strength and special quality galvanized high resistance to the wear and corrosion
  • Load Chain Wheel: precisely machined and heat-treated four-pocket load chain wheels, made of high strength steel to ensure optimum sliding and long life of the chain and wheel.
  • The upper limit and decent Limit stop: Limit switch control and polyurethane shock absorber for chain crossing.
  • Overload clutch: The overload clutch is provided for overload safety Sliding surfaces are immersed in an Oil bath in order to guarantee the heat dissipation generated during slipping.